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Budget Sign on Letter for State Groups- August

August 1, 2017

While the fight to improve health care in the United States persists, its important that we also pay very close attention to the preparation of the Federal budget. At this time, it looks like massive increases in Defense spending are being proposed which are coupled with very large cuts in domestic spending. Tax reform, while having some potential benefits, will likely favor the very wealthy while the middle class and the poor will see nominal improvement in taxes while being denied other benefits resulting in more out of pocket costs for most Americans. Bad moves on the Federal level could cause budget hardships in New York State which will damage our economy, widen the gap between rich and poor, and put more upward pressure on property taxes. We will support positive efforts at the state level to reverse negative impact of Federal moves and improve the lives of New York citizens. We also remain very concerned about deportations cause great damage to families and implementation of environmental policies which will damage our air, water ways and local economies.

We urge you to pay close attention to the votes and positions of your senators and representatives at both the national and state level and advocate accordingly. We will keep you informed of new developments on our web page. Our Facebook page, however, is an excellent place to go for the most immediate updates. We also urge you to get involved with various advocacy networks in your local communities like Citizens Action and to sign up for advocacy updates by denominations and the National Council of Churches.